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Learning facilitator (England)

We are looking for excellent educators to facilitate our unique professional development programmes: either focusing on critical thinking through reading/writing, or problem-solving through maths.

Intended outcomes

  • Increase the proportion of students meeting national expectations in reading, writing and mathematics
  • Increase students’ ability to think critically and/or solve problems

Responsibilities of facilitators

  • Lead the learning of a group of 8 teachers through short 1 hour professional development sessions every 2 weeks across 6 months.
  • Role model the reflective process: learning new skills, practising them during the sessions, implementing in one's classroom, reflecting together with peers on what worked (or did not work) and why.
  • Collaborate with other facilitators and the research & development team of Creative Generation.

What are we looking for?

  • Motivation – deep interest in improving teaching and learning, strong motivation to become a great 21st century teacher
  • Values – belief that it is the responsibility of teachers to enable each student to fulfil their potential and become a positive contributor to the world; desire to learn constantly
  • Knowledge and skills – strong subject knowledge (in reading, writing and mathematics) combined with outstanding pedagogical knowledge and skill
  • Experience – 5+ years of teaching experience; including significant experience of leading the learning of other teachers
  • Time – ability to work part-time (average 2-4 hours per week) for Creative Generation; most of the work will happen remotely (online learning and collaboration)

Why get involved?

  • Mastery – opportunity to become a truly great 21st century expert in teaching and learning
  • Purpose – being part of a community of master teachers passionate about student learning
  • Creative Generation pays a respectable salary based on previous experience

Next steps

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