We are hiring. Apply to become a master teacher programme facilitator

How do students learn effectively? Thanks to developments in cognitive science, and research on emotions and motivation, it is possible to give a far better answer to this question today than we could have done 20-30 years ago. Yet, teacher practice and student learning outcomes have not changed much. Why? We think one of the main reasons is limited access to high-quality professional development opportunities for teachers. 

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For professional development to have an impact on student learning, it needs to be intense (at least 15 hours, preferably 50), sustained (at least over 2 terms), content focused, active, supported by external feedback and networks, and evidence-based (Coe, ‘Improving Education’).

Creative Generation is a charity working with primary schools in England to improve the quality of teaching and learning through a unique master teacher programme. This involves working with 4 teachers per school and engaging them in intensive CPD. Initially we are focused on reading, writing and mathematics. The programme involves 6 days of training per year, delivered through 2 full-day sessions and 1-hour online workshops every 1-2 weeks. Over time, participants will be equipped to provide high-quality, differentiated in-school CPD to their colleagues.

Intended student learning outcomes

  • Increase the proportion of students achieving Level 4+ in reading, writing and mathematics

  • Increase students’ ability to collaborate and solve problems

Responsibilities of facilitators

  • Leading the learning of aspiring master teachers to achieve the student learning outcomes mentioned above, which involves (1) diagnosing student needs, (2) researching to find teaching strategies with robust evidence to meet these needs, (3) practicing the new teaching skills in a safe environment, (4) implementing them in the classroom, (5) evaluating the impact of the changes and reflecting with the peer group, what works and why.
  • Role modelling the learning process described above by going through a similar cycle to learn or refine teaching practices and implement these in one’s own classroom setting.
  • Collaboration with other facilitators and the research & development team of Creative Generation. The purpose is to identify teaching practices with the most robust evidence and reflect on how to help teachers adapt and use these in their own context.

What are we looking for?

  • Motivation – deep interest in improving teaching and learning, strong motivation to become a great 21st century teacher
  • Values – belief that it is the responsibility of teachers to enable each student to fulfil their potential and become a positive contributor to the world; desire to learn constantly
  • Knowledge and skills – strong subject knowledge (in reading, writing and mathematics) combined with outstanding pedagogical knowledge and skill
  • Experience – 5+ years of teaching experience; including significant experience of leading the learning of other teachers
  • Time – ability to work part-time (average 2-4 hours per week) for Creative Generation

Why get involved?

  • Mastery – opportunity to become a truly great 21st century expert in teaching and learning
  • Purpose – being part of a community of master teachers passionate about student learning
  • Creative Generation pays a respectable salary based on previous experience

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