Our team members have experience of supporting the professional development of teachers and school leaders internationally


Artur Taevere, Co-Founder and CEO

In his previous role on the leadership team of Teach For All, Artur and his team supported the professional development of teachers and school leaders in 25+ countries around the world. He has visited around 100 schools in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Australia.

He serves as a governor of schools in England and his home country, Estonia. He has been advising the government of Estonia in creating the 2014-2020 education strategy. In the past 12 years, he has been co-founder and board member of four charities and social enterprises. He was educated at the University of Oxford, having graduated with a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.


Fiona Vaz, Director of Learning Projects

Fiona is an alum of Teach For India. She has worked as a teacher and vice principal at schools in Mumbai. Fiona has also been the lead organiser of Achieve Together, a conference for students. She has a BA degree from St. Xavier's College and an MA degree from the University of Mumbai. Her interests include gardening, writing, cooking and travelling.



Hannes Tamjärv, Co-Founder and Chairman

Hannes was the co-founder and CEO of a bank that grew into the largest financial institution in the Baltic region. In 1999, he set up Rocca al Mare School, an innovative school that has shaped education policy and practice in Estonia. Hannes and the team of teachers at Rocca al Mare continue to experiment with new approaches to teaching and learning.