We are passionate about improving learning outcomes for students - especially critical thinking and problem solving. Our job is to support teachers with professional development that is practical, relevant and affordable.



  • The need: Teachers report that most professional development opportunities are too passive and basically involve listening to a lecture.

  • Our solution: Our professional development programmes are facilitated by excellent teachers and involve regular practice with curriculum-aligned learning resources.


  • The need: Most professional development is usually delivered in a large-group setting, making it often irrelevant to many teachers.
  • Our solution: Our programmes involve collaborative learning in a group of 8 teachers, so the content can be tailored to meet individual needs.


  • The need: High quality professional development programmes usually require a significant investment of time and money from the teacher/school. 
  • Our solution: Short 60-minute sessions every 2 weeks, get to know each other in-person, then learn online. No travel time, no cover costs, affordable price.

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